Local Stakeholders Launch “Clean Jobs for Pennsylvania” Coalition

Thursday, June 8, 2017
Earlier today, several community members and leaders launched a new organization dedicated to advocating for employees at Three Mile Island Generation Station and nuclear power across Pennsylvania.
According to the group’s website, “Clean Jobs for Pennsylvania” (CJFP) is a diverse coalition of business, labor, environmental, education, civic and local elected leaders who have come together to support the continued operation of Three Mile Island and the Commonwealth’s four other nuclear plants and the benefits they provide to their local communities.”
The coalition is led by Joe Gusler, president of the Central PA Building & Construction Trades Council and Mike Pries, Dauphin County Commissioner, who held a press conference to announce the coalition this morning.  
This coalition was forged out of your dedication to operating a safe and reliable plant while committing yourselves to your community. Today’s announcement, without TMI involvement, shows the community truly recognizes our value and appreciates our employees.
A week ago today, we made the unsettling announcement that TMI would close in September 2019, absent policy reform. Since then, we have seen recent statements by Governor Wolf, Congressman Perry, State Representative Dave Hickernell and dozens of other state and local leaders that are very encouraging as we work toward policy reform.
We have many people in our corner!
Let’s join them and show our support and appreciation for their assistance! Visit the website (www.cleanjobsforpennsylvania.com) and encourage everyone you know to do the same! Click the big green button “Join our Team,” at the top of the website to show your support.
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