Help Rebuild After Harvey

Thursday, August 31, 2017
Over the last week, one of the worst storms to ever hit the United States has ravaged the Houston area. Hurricane Harvey hit the Lone Star State as a Category 4 hurricane and dropped over 40 inches of rain, leading to widespread flooding. Many homes are underwater and roads are impassable. Tens of thousands have been forced to flee and thousands more are still stranded, awaiting rescue, and the rain hasn't even stopped.
During any natural disaster, Americans unite to help those in need. With 300,000 people without power, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) members from across the country is out in the field working to restore power, even as the rain continues to fall. "If they were able to report to work, they're working," Greg Lucero, Business Manager of Houston's IBEW Local 66 said of his approximately 1,500 utility members. "They're probably sleeping in their trucks right now." Others, such as union police and firefighters, have spent the last few days rescuing stranded residents from their homes and cars. They continued to work and protect the residents of Texas even though many of their homes and belongings have been destroyed thanks to Harvey.
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