Exelon Statement on the Retirement of TMI

Tuesday, May 30, 2017
When TMI failed to clear the PJM Base Residual Auction a few days ago for the third consecutive year, Exelon leadership was forced to make the tough decision to prematurely retire Three Mile Island Generating Station on or around September 30, 2019, due to economic challenges and uncertainty around a path to long-term sustainability.
I know this is very disappointing and upsetting news for all of us. Despite our best efforts to reduce costs and improve efficiency, the plant continues to lose money. We simply cannot continue down this path.
What This Means for Employees
We still have a place for you at Exelon. Effective immediately, the company will reduce planned hiring at all stations. Because of the size of our fleet, there will be opportunities for those who wish to stay.
We know you have a lot of questions, and we may not have all of the answers yet. I encourage you to visit the Human Resources Support Room in the HR conference room in the North Office Building on the 2nd floor. It will be staffed from 0400 - 2000 hours now through June 2 to give all employees the opportunity to speak with someone one-on-one. More individual information will be sent home and communicated by your supervisor in the coming days. We also have scheduled benefits open houses for the week of June 19. Information provided during today’s All Hands Meeting will be posted on the Employee Resource Site.
Today’s decision is not a reflection on your commitment to excellence. TMI employees are among the best and brightest in our industry. We appreciate your continued dedication and your commitment. We need and want you in our fleet.
Station leadership will schedule meetings with employees to review your career and geographic interests and complete a career planning form. This will support organizational planning and help identify future opportunities for employees.
The Path Forward
TMI is committed to operating until mid-2019, and we are counting on all of you to continue to operate the plant at world-class levels, consistent with our goals, standards and procedures.
Exelon recognizes the severe impact the station’s premature retirement will have on the community surrounding TMI, and we are working with civic leaders to prepare for this transition.
Exelon is working with stakeholders to enact state policy reform that would promote zero-emissions energy and preserve clean energy jobs. As New York and Illinois before it, Pennsylvania needs to adopt a policy solution to preserve its nuclear energy plants and the benefits they provide.

Thank you for your continued focus on safe plant operations during this challenging period. 

Please click here to download fact sheets about Three Mile and the impact of Nuclear Power on Pennsylvania.


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